Blue Collars

All customised and integrated solutions to help Customers going throw workload peaks or to improve manufacturing costs.

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Give us the control of one of your manufacturing station. With our own team, we produce all the manufacturing operations. Thanks to our controllers, we manage the OTD and OQD requirements.

Production management 95%
Teams Competency
Operators, team management, controllers 85%
Customer serinity
Committed service delivery 90%

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Our local team present on your customer plant is ready to proceed your outstanding works. Whether it is catching up in terms of quality or missing parts, our global service helps you finishing your work package when it has left your plant.

OWS Management
Improved software tools 85%
Complete skills
Operators, team management, controllers 90%
Global delivery service
From the recovery range to ERP record 95%

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To go throw workload peaks, our qualified operators helps your teams to comply with the OTD requirements. We can complete your teams, or work on specific parts of the production line.

Independant operators 95%
Our team within one week 85%
State of mind
Our operators ready to work with your teams 90%